Patient Arrested for Taking Bribe from Doctor


A Kraków man has been arrested on suspicion of taking a bribe from his doctor.

Secret video tapes obtained from a waiter working at the surgery show the doctor handing the patient a signed prescription. The audio track reveals the doctor saying: “For god’s sake, there’s nothing wrong with you!”

The patient, whose audio is muffled, then says: “But… internet… symptoms every week.”

The doctor adds: “Every week! You mean you’re going to be here every week? Okay, you’ve got Lupus. [sound of ballpoint pen on paper] take this to the pharmacy. It’ll cure you for sure. But you’re not to come back, got it?”

A waiter at the pharmacy caught the patient on video, handing over the prescription and receiving a 500ml bottle labelled ‘Dobrowianka’.

The audio from the initial encounter at the doctor’s surgery continues for some time after the patient left, but without video. A door can be heard to open and close, then the doctor can be heard to say: “Now, Mr… your medical note. I’m afraid… increase… up to 120 zł. Inflation, you know.”


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