World Cup Special – Germans to be Banned from Poland?

klose podolski

A group of German citizens could be officially banned from entering Poland following ‘aggressive and humiliating’ behaviour towards another sovereign nation.

The men in question are said to have colluded in insulting Argentina’s national feeling, during the final of the football World Cup tournament. They are further accused of previous  insult, in connection with an incident that involved a group of Brazilian men and what could only be described as a truly efficient drubbing.

According to The Krakowian’s completely unreliable sources, Adam Nawałka, spokesman for Poland’s national football team, urged the Polish government to ban the Germans from entering Poland.

He may or may not have said: “Jesus, we’re not playing that lot. Keep them out. But Klose and Podolski can come. Please?”

Jarosław Kaczyński, somebody or other, added: “Germans! Arghhh!”


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