Golgotha Residents Plan Picnic of Peace


Residents of Golgotha have announced that they will hold a ‘picnic of peace and tolerance’ in response to attempts to censor a controversial theatre play in Poland.

The small commune, comprised of a mix of all faiths and none, based just outside Jerusalem, said they were offended by the threat to freedom of expression that violent attempts to ban the play represented. They added that, unlike some protests against the play, their picnic would be entirely peaceful, and they invited public readings of texts, religious or otherwise, at the event.

The leader of the Christian group in the commune, who asked to be named only as ‘Franciszek’, said he had learned through experience that ultra-conservativism was problematic.

He added: “My authoritarian and quick manner of making decisions led me to have serious problems and to be accused of being ultra-conservative… but I have never been a right-winger. It was my authoritarian way of making decisions that created problems.”


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