Kraków Man Aims to Break Deflowering World Record to Mark Wianki


Every year, the women of Kraków demonstrate their virtue through the age-old tradition of wearing garlands of flowers in their hair at the midsummer Wianki festival. It is customary for these garlands to be thrown into the river, as part of an ancient pagan ritual.

However, this year one Kraków man aims to break with tradition by personally stealing the garlands from atop the maidens’ heads – in what could be the biggest mass deflowering in the world.

Jan Kogut said his previous best for snatching garlands was 87. A period scrutinising the city’s Montelupich prison from the inside prevented him from attempting to beat his record in recent years – but this time he is aiming to pass the 100 mark.

He added: “It’s a challenge of course, but it is possible. This year, I’d like to attempt a double record, not only by stealing more than 100 garlands, but also by having more consensual sex than I had in Montelupich. They say prison is cushy these days, but you will never really understand the full meaning of the phrase ‘going down for a stretch’ until you’ve been there.”


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