Polish Dropped as Kraków’s Official Language


Tourists now outnumber residents in Kraków, leading to a decision to drop Polish as the official language in the city.

A report that may or may not have been submitted to  Kraków city council said that it was no longer viable for Krakowians to speak, write, or think  in Polish if the city is to continue reaping the benefit of the tourist dollar.

Instead, English will be adopted as Kraków’s official language. A spokesman for the Campaign for the Unification of National Tongues (known as CU  No! – Ed) said the move was going to make him a fortune.

However, despite the fact that many Poles in Kraków speak English fluently, the majority of the people in the city at any one time – such as European visitors  and English stag parties – have only a basic grasp of the vocabulary and grammar. This has resulted in criticism of the new policy from some.

British comedian Mel Smith (deceased)  said: “Not sure this is such a good move. I mean, Polish is difficult, but it Kinda Lingers…”


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